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Mowing may seem like a basic concept but a properly mowed lawn is one of the most important elements of lawn care. Fertilization, watering, and weed control are important, however proper mow techniques and strategies are an integral part of a healthy lawn. A good mowing strategy is only cutting the grass by one third its height during weekly maintenance. This technique is very crucial to the health of the grass. If the grass was mowed shorter on a weekly basis your lawn would be vulnerable to diseases and abundant weed growth. Another important reason to maintain your lawn at the proper height for the grass type (and local climate) is that it helps the soil to retain moisture.

There are times when a lawn is not able to be properly maintained and instead of a couple of weeks between mowing, several weeks or months have passed since the lawn was last mowed. Grass Green is ready and capable to bring this lawn back to normal. In these situations, it may take a few weeks to get it back to looking great. When a lawn has had the opportunity to grow very high the grass that is closes to the ground turns yellow and once mowed the lawn will be more yellow than green. This is normal, but will take Grass Green only a few weeks of regular mowing, some fertilization, weed control measure, and watering to get the lawn back to healthy and green.

The right tools are also necessary to maintain a beautiful and healthy lawn. Grass Green uses mulching mowers, especially in the Houston area. A mulching mower returns fine grass clippings to your lawn, this helps hold in moisture and shade the grass roots on hot days. The grass will stay greener with less water usage!

Grass Green’s normal maintenance package includes: edging the driveway, sidewalks, and curbs; trimming of the grass around your home, trees, mailbox and any other stationary objects. This will give your lawn and home a tidy appearance. Another benefit of service with Grass Green is we spray weed killer on weeds between the cracks of driveways since many home owner associations are very strict about weeds. The final step of your normal weekly lawn service with Grass Green, is the use of leaf blowers to help clean up the overall appearance of your yard, make the doorstep, driveway and sidewalks tidy and return the small clipping to the lawn as mulch.


Front yards only starts it $20 a week
Front and back starts at $25 a week
Mulch and pressure washing are job specific